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Direct Hire Services


Looking to expand your workforce?



In today’s tight employment market, you may find direct hire to be your preferred method of expanding your workforce or replacing personnel. Many of our clients have an in-house HR Representative or team of Representatives. They often do their best to fill their job openings themselves, as they should. However, sourcing, screening and hiring is an exhaustive, grinding task. It is easy to get resumes into your inbox through online job postings; however, all of those candidates must be thoroughly screened and vetted by an experienced professional who knows the IT space.

The time it takes to review all of the responses, call those that look like a match, screen them for both soft and hard skills, verify employment and salary expectations, make sure they can do the daily commute from their residence to your office, communicate the benefits of your job versus the many others they are looking at, set up interviews, follow up to keep them excited, initiate the onboarding paperwork - it is a LOT of work!


HR Managers have much more on their plate than recruiting. This is where we come in to help. It may be one time a year or ten times a year for these direct hire clients. But we believe the value we provide in such a critical area is well worth the cost. We will conduct a thorough search for top candidates and evaluate, test, and screen them for you. We present you with candidates to interview, and follow through with you until your selected candidate is well established in the position. Our direct placement fee is charged based on the annual compensation of the position.


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