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Contract-to-Hire Services


Seeking personalized services and quick turnaround?

You will find our personalized services to be exceptional in providing personnel on a contract to hire basis. Kamis will save you time and money. You can get to know potential employees on a trial basis, then make a hiring decision. During the trial period of the arrangement, we take on all employer liabilities and you take on less risk.

Anyone who has worked in HR is aware of the mountains of paperwork that come with the hiring process. For an opening that requires a quick turnaround, the process of gathering resumes, sorting through them, conducting phone screens, interviews, and eventually hiring is excessive. Kamis handles that process and gets our resources on board quickly so they can start working for you as soon as possible. 

Our Contract-to-hire services offer these significant benefits:


Immediately fill critical positions with top talent while avoiding the expenses — benefits, Workers’ Compensation, SUTA, FUTA, etc. — associated with full-time hires.


See our talent on site at your organization to help you make a more informed hiring decision.


Our consultant(s) will gain familiarity with your culture, your needs and your processes, ensuring that they are ready to meet all of your expectations if and when you decide to hire them full-time.


Address special projects while auditioning candidates for long-term roles. See how creating new combinations in your workforce will impact workflow and productivity, and then decide if the gains are worth it.

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